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Imlie 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Grandmother’s Warning to Agastya

Imlie 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Daadi asks Agastya when he will marry. Agastya says he will never marry as he doesn’t believe in an institute of marriage. Daadi says she is talking about settling his house, but he is talking about some institution; marriage brings happiness in life. Agastya asks if papa was happy with his marriage, he doesn’t believe in such happiness. Daadi cries that she sent her son to London for studies, but he dropped sanskars in Thames river; it’s better she dies. Agastya asks her not to say that. Daadi says she already lost her elder grandson to a poor woman and can’t lose him. Agastya says he will fulfill his brother and her dream and will take their business to international level. Daadi asks if he will not marry though and gives him an ultimatum that if he doesn’t marry in 10 days, she will handover business to Sonali.

Imlie looking at super chef competition pamphlet and prays Radha rani that if her fate is linked with this pamphlet, she should extend Ashu’s life. Ashu walks to her and says he wants to live for long, but he will die soon. Imlie asks him to not say that as she will meet doctor soon and will pay his fees to perform Ashu’s operation. Agastya is shocked to hear Daadi’s ultimatum and asks why is she linking business and marriage. Sonali thinks Agastya will even marry to snatch business from her. She asks Daadi she wants to give business to Agastya just because she is a girl. Daadi says she doesn’t differentiate between a grandson and granddaughter. Sonali’s mother says Amma is.

Sonali says Daadi opened just a small shop, but she worked hard and expanded the business and profit matters at the end of the day. She shows today’s profit of 25 lakh rs. Agastya says she earned profit via adulteration, today food administration department officers were raiding their shop and he stopped them by paying double penalty, Sonali is risking their family name and even people’s lives. Daadi tongue lashes Sonali for her wrong ways and asks Agastya to find a girl soon and marry. Sonali says Daadi will give business to Agastya at any cost. Pallo informs Imlie that a businessman who wants to listen to her song and asks her to respond to him when he calls her. Imlie refuses to sing and says she can do some other dignified job. Pallo gets angry and runs behind her to hit her. Imlie continues to run around.

Amrit returns home and asks Sonali to stop fighting with her brother. Sonali says stepbrother and walks away. Amrit asks Agastya not to bother about Sonali’s words. Agastya notices bar seal on his wrist and asks why did he go there. Amrit tries to change topic but on Agastya’s insistence says he runs an NGO and went to help bar girls. After some time, Agastya calls Imlie. Imlie seeing an unknown number misbehaves with him as her usual self. Agastya asks if she is Noyonika. Imlie acts as her maid was speaking to him earlier and asks reason for calling. Agastya says he has an investor meeting and wants her to reach shop soon and prepare her special dishes to impress his investors. Imlie gets tensed thinking how will she skip her work today.

Pallo asks her why did she reject businessman’s offer. Imlie lies that businessman wants her to sing a bhajan and would pay her more. Pallo asks her to earn money and give it to her. Imlie reaches bar and requests it’s owner to give her one day leave. Owner refuses. Imlie eats ice cubes and sings a song in a hoarse voice. Customers complain. Owner scolds Imlie and asks her to gargle with warm water, fix her voice, and return soon. Imlie agrees and rushes to Agastya’s shop.

Precap: Agastya introduces investors to Imlie as his shop’s superchef. Imlie prepares her special dishes and serves them. Investor says Sonali is right that there is no special in these dishes that anyone would feel a 5-star hotel feeling.

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