Even More Seasons of One Piece Anime Coming to Netflix in October 2023

Saboady Archipelagomore seasons of one piece anime coming to netflix in october 2023

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We voyage once more as even more seasons of the One Piece anime are coming to Netflix in October 2023!

The One Piece anime found another new place to call home when the East Blue and Alabasta sagas were added to Netflix in June 2020. For over three years Netflix US has been drip-fed brand-new seasons and movies of One Piece.

In July 2023, Netflix added another filler arc and the entirety of the Thriller Bark saga. This took the total number of episodes from 325 to 381.

So far, Netflix has the following seasons of the One Piece anime:

Seasons Arc Episodes Added to Netflix
1 East Blue 1-61 12/06/2020
2 Entering the Grand Line 62-77 12/06/2020
3 Enter Chopper at the Winter Island 78-91 12/06/2020
4 Alabasta 92-130 12/06/2020
5 Filler 131-143 22/05/2022
6 Skypiea 144-173 22/05/2022
7 The Golden Bell 174-195 22/05/2022
8 The Naval Fortress 196-207 22/06/2022
9 The Foxy Pirate Crew 208-228 22/06/2022
10 Water 7 229-263 22/06/2022
11 Enies Lobby 264-284 20/02/2023
12 CP9 285-306 20/02/2023
13 Goodbye Going, Merry 307-325 20/02/2023
14 TV Original 2 326-336 01/07/2023
15 Thriller Bark 337-381 01/07/2023

When are more episodes of One Piece coming to Netflix?

More seasons of One Piece will be added to Netflix on October 1st, 2023.

We’re yet to see which arcs are next to be added to Netflix, however, we’re certain the next arcs we’ll see added are the Saboady Archipelogi arcs and a two-part filler arc.

Seasons Arc Episodes
16 Saboady Archipelago 382-405
17 406/407 406-407

This will take the total number of episodes of One Piece on Netflix up to 407.

What seasons of One Piece can we expect to be added next?

Late Q4 2023/Early Q1 2024
Seasons Arc Episodes
18 Island of Women 408-421
19 Impel Down 422-458

 Q2/Q3 2024

Seasons Arc Episodes
20 Marineford 459-498

Are you looking forward to watching more seasons of One Piece on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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