Rakhi Sawant Shares Marriage Proof with Adil Khan

Rakhi Sawant Shares Marriage Proof with Adil Khan

Rakhi Sawant recently made headlines by sharing pictures and videos that shed light on her association with Adil Khan Durrani, suggesting that he took advantage of her career. She also presented evidence of her marriage (Nikkah) with Adil.

Rakhi unveiled private messages exchanged between her and Adil on Instagram, where Adil was seen seeking opportunities in the entertainment industry. In the messages, Adil requested, “Get me songs, man. I want to go to Lock Upp or Bigg Boss. I want to do something.” Rakhi responded with “ok Dear.” In her caption, she stated, “I knew he did everything for fame and to enter the Bigg Boss house. He used me to gain fame. I followed Islamic rules, and now he has abandoned me.”

In another post, Rakhi shared her marriage certificate written in Urdu, along with pictures of her and Adil’s signatures on the document. She emphasized that she accepted the Nikkah with Adil, and her Muslim name, Fatima, was clearly visible on the certificate. In her caption, she stated, “Hey guys, this is my marriage certificate, the day I accepted Allah. I married him. I read the Kamla, and there is my name written as Fatima, and my foolish husband is telling everyone I am not Muslim. Shame on him. Does he have knowledge of Islam without Vasu without clothes? He’s taking an oath on Kiran paaji; does that make him a Muslim?”

Additionally, Rakhi shared a video from her wedding day with Adil, where they can be seen signing the papers in the presence of a Maulana. She added, “This is my marriage with Adil Khan Durrani. I did Nikkah in front of the Maulana. How can he say I’m not Muslim after my Nikkah? My name is Fatima. He is making false allegations against me and using my name for fame in Bollywood. Shame on him.”

The situation between Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani has escalated since Adil’s release from jail, with both parties making allegations against each other. Rakhi has claimed that she was cheated in the marriage and that Adil used her to gain fame, while Adil has accused Rakhi of falsely accusing him and causing his incarceration.


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