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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandip takes Kaviya’s side

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manvi tells Gulshan police took Kaivya and you didn’t even pick the phone. He says what? Why? Manvi says get him out right now. I will divorce you if you don’t get her out. He asks what happened? She says Kaivya poisoned the food. He says I will do something. Let me think about it. Manvi says didn’t Amar stop? Manvi says no. Manvi comes downstairs. She says oh Randhawas with no heart. I misunderstood this family. This girl has on worth and you all stood with her and left my Kaviya. She was your DIL, laxmi of this house. You sent her to the jail. No one cared. My daughter is so alone in this house. What’s the point of such family? You should all be scared of my heart. My curse can harm you all. Dolly asks her to calm down. Manvi says I can’t calm down. My daughter is suffering and no one cares. Everyone has changed in this house. You all stood with her since childhood. Mandip you loved her like your own daughter but you didn’t stand with her? She says to Amar you always stood with her. You both always spoiled her and now left her alone. No one supported her.

Kinjal says she didn’t do anything to be supported. Manvi says shut up. You’re an outsider. Manvi says someone forced her to do this. Her heart was hurting. She was provoked and she did what she shouldn’t have. Kaviya wanted her rightful place. You all said Ravi isn’t yours. Pratiksha shoved her where she should have. She did what she wanted. Because of her Kaviya is in jail. Pratiksha says I understand. Manvi says shut up. DOn’t mess with me. Pratiksha says you all let her go to jail. She made a mistake but so are you all. This girl doesn’t deserve to be treated. If Kaviya gets in any trouble I will destroy this house. Manvi leaves.

Scene 2
Kaviya asks Malhal to let her go. She says what do you want to show? He says don’t be loud here, it’s my police station. My constable will arrest you with monster Rahul. He beats all inmates with him. You are so rich, if yyou get beaten we will get broadcasted. Do you wanna go there? Kaviya says you can’t threaten. He says I am telling you the rules. I don’t want you to regret. Your sorry won’t matter then.

Mandip says Manvi was right. We should have stood with Kaviya. Biji says it had to happen. Mandip says this Pratiksha is responsible. We all know Kavya. She’s childish. Pratiksha says she almost killed everyone. Mandip says it should have happened with her. You didn’t tell us about the recording but you told police. You ashamed our family. Pratiksha says she harmed your own family as well.
Manvi comes to Malhar and says let Kaviya go. He says I can’t go that. She says Gulshan is coming here. You will have to leave her then. He says I won’t lether go till I get my bail paper. She says if you leave her right now you will get a lot of money. He says you’re trying to bribe me? I can arrest you. She says don’t act innocent. He asks constable to arrest her as well. Pratiksha says Kaviya risked lives. Mandip says if she says one more word I will leave this house. Dadi says to Pratiksha Kaviya did wrong but now I am scared. This is just the beginning. Ravi says we will see whatever happens. Kaviya is childish. Amar says Gulshan will come here directly.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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