Neerja 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Neerja and Abir return to Bagchi home

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Abir gets tea for Neerja. Abir and Neerja speak at the same time. Abir tosses and says I won I will ask first. Abir asks why are you so tensed. Neerja says i am looking for house, I can’t consider orphanage my home and can’t stay at your place too, i understand it isn’t a big deal, Neerja expresses her feelings she has towards building her own house. Neerja asks Abir why is he so tensed. Abir says some relations are tough and tells about Kaushik and his wish to give presentation and how he tackled the situation. Abir says I love my family and Kaushik too and if he wants to go this way thats okay for me and so I am here. Neerja says to Abir, you can never be a bigger person by demeaning someone, today you may give him this opportunity but everyone has to fight their own battles and this kind of step will increase the differences. Abir says you are right, I don’t have to step back but just support him from behind instead of letting dada fool himself and loose the deal.

Kaushik gives the presentation. Investor asks questions to Kaushik. Kaushik unable to answer questions properly. Maheshwari asks time to rethink this project.
Abir says I think we should go home and asks Neerja to come with him. Abir sees his phone has no network and requests few people around to help him and makes a deal with a driver to buy all his idol in return to drop him home.
Abir thanks Neerja for helping him and says you are really God sent and says once we reach home in time, I promise to help you solve all your problems.

Bijoy expresses his anger against Abir to Moushmi and says I didn’t expect this from Abir. Bappa tells Abir is here and has brought so many Ganpati Bappa’s.
Maheshwari upset with Kaushik’s presentation and says I will be back. Bijoy says Abir is here and he will solve all your queries. Bappa rushes to Abir, Abir asks him to go dance. Driver asks Abir to choose one idol he liked. Abir chooses one.
Abir and Neerja bring in the Ganesh Idol. Sarthak sees Pishi Maa unhappy to see Neerja. Pishi Maa asks Sarthak to go. Sarthak takes Neerja’s place. Pishi Maa asks Abir to go get ready for Sthapna and Pooja.

Bijoy asks Maheshwari to take his decision after talking to Abir. Abir takes Maheshwari’s blessings and praises him. Kaushik upset to see Abir.
Abir gives presentation, he talks about home the way Neerja expressed her feelings. Maheshwari says to Bijoy, he was right Abir really knows what he is selling and finalizes the deal. Bappa asks everyone to join for the pooja.

Abir gets dressed for the pooja. Abir unveils Ganeshji murthi and the pooja begins. Neerja stands aside to join the pooja. Abir performs and makes Sarthak and Kaushik join him.
Abir plays dhol looking at Neerja. Abir dances with Moushmi and Munmun too and slowly makes all family members join.

Didun enters Bagchi house, she joins pooja and sees Abir performing aarti and is in shock, she remembers how Abir use to get scared of fire and sees Neerja standing aside and says this means Abir is fine and this is why Protima wants to make Neerja’s passport. Didun says now she will make her move.

Pre cap: Didun congratulates Bijoy for Abir and says to Neerja time to return to your reality to Sonagachi and get ready to be part of the brothel.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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