Minion Masters To Release on Netflix Games in January 2024

minion masters coming to netflix games

Picture: Beta Dwarf

Netflix Games continues to grow its catalog of mobile titles and to kick the year off in 2024, we’ll see Minion Masters, a game from Danish studio Beta Dwarf, released on the platform. 

The studio, based in Copenhagen, is also behind Forced The Game and the follow-up Forced Showdown. Minion Masters has been released to the public since 2019, going under the name Minion Masters: Forced to Duel on PC and just Minion Masters on mobile devices.

The game, as it currently exists, has over 50,000 installs on Android alone and is described as “a fast-paced strategic minion brawler that’s easy to learn but hard to master.”

News of Minion Masters getting a Netflix release first came in March 2023 in a post on the BetaDwarf blog announcing a 2.0 version of the game.

“… we would like to make a shout-out to our new partner Netflix who is helping us bring you 2.0. Furthermore, also a new special version of Minion Masters to Android & iOS, without ads or in-app purchases, that can cross-play with PC and Xbox and requires a Netflix subscription to play.

So our Minion Masters family, meta and matchmaking, has good chances of growing and evolving a lot this year.

This is how it will work, the mobile version of the game will support cross-play, but cross-progression will not be available. This means that your progress won’t be shared between platforms, but you will still be able to play with and against mobile players, opening up opportunities to make new friends and rivals with improved matchmaking and meta evolution.”

They also announced the existing version of the game will be taken offline to make way for the Netflix iteration. It’s worth noting that Netflix themselves have yet to confirm or reference the game itself.

When will Minion Masters released on Netflix Games?

In that blog post, it suggested that Netflix would be getting the revised game at some point in 2023.

However, a new newsletter (hat tip to TripleSuperStar in the Discord group Netflix Gamers) from the developers updated on the status of the new game, confirming that “the mobile version will be released on January 16th [2024]! It will be available using your Netflix account on IOS and Android. Everything will be unlockable without any in-app purchases and without any ads.”

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