Meaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In Dream

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza is a prominent Pakistani Islamic scholar who was born on October 4, 1977, in Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan. By profession, he is an engineer who holds a degree from the University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila. Ali Mirza is widely recognized for his comprehensive Islamic speeches. He has a substantial following on his YouTube channel, “Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza, channel is dedicated to Islamic teachings and discussions. He has 2.47 million subscribers and over 544 million total views on YouTube. Ali Mirza is famous in the younger generation.

Meaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In Dream

Lately, he appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast where he talked about religious queries of people. He also replied to Nadir Ali’s question about seeing deceased parents in anxiousness, in the dreams. Reply to this question, Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza said, “Maybe, it means that the deceased is in bad condition and maybe it is not the case, however, according to the Hadees, if you see a bad dream you must spit thrice on the left side . You can also recite Taauz. Such dreams mean to pray for parents and then give charity for them as it is the rights of parents”, he also recited Ayats and Hadees explaining the stature of parents. He further added , “You should do big charities for parents. Pray for parents, go to their graves, visit their graves and pray for them in their life and after death”

Replying to another important question by Nadir Ali, “can the deceased people see visitors outside the graves?”, Engineer Ali Mirza said, “there is nothing like that but as a Muslim, you are instructed to visit the graveyards and say prayers for deceased but it can not be said that they are hearing or listening us. It is Allah who sends messages to those people. It has to do with Allah”

Meaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In Dream

Meaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In Dream

Meaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In DreamMeaning of Seeing Deceased Parents In Dream


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