Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Baa asks Ambika to tell the truth to Kesar

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ambika thinking of Baa and Hetal’s words, and her swear to adopt the baby as her bahu. Praveen and Jinal ask from where this baby came in our orphanage. They ask about her caste, religion. Baa says Hetal and Jinesh have given a deep wound to us, and it will take time to heal it. We need time to handle ourselves and before that you take this swear. She says people gives good values to their daughter so that they go to other’s house and make it as heaven. She says how you will make your bahu as your daughter. Ambika says this Kesar will take care of our family and take our legacy forward, and says I will fill her heart with love and good values. She tells them that she doesn’t know about her caste, religions etc and says she is Ambe Maa’s blessings. Jinal says who has seen tomorrow? Ambika says it is our business to sharpen the stone and make diamonds. Baa says I always supported you, and tells that you have announced her wedding with Suraj, without asking me. Ambika says nothing is possible without your support and tells that she has taken this swear so that whatever happened today, don’t happen again. She says just like everyone gives good values to their daughters, so that they make their sasural as heaven and I want to do the same. She says some people will think me wrong for deciding her future, and says what was her future in orphanage. She says I have adopted her to make her as my bahu, but now she will get the family, love, support etc. She says I will give her motherly love and will make her educated and will give her comfort like every mother gives. She says I hope that Kesar will understand my swear, but I will not let my swear caged her, and tells that Suraj and Kesar will decide after 20 years, if they want to marry. And most importantly, you all will decide if Kesar is suitable to become bahu of the house and asks them to give her time till now.

The baby starts crying. Baa asks Jinal to bring milk for bahu else she will think that her family is not giving her milk. Jinal says she will also ask Mansukh to get diapers for her. Parveen says I will get cradle for her. Jayati says I will get clothes for her. Baa takes the baby and takes her to Babu ji. Ambika thanks Baa for accepting her decision. Baa says your swear is like making the hole in the sky, and says saas can’t become a bahu and bahu can’t become a beti. Ambika says she will make it possible.

The days are shown passing by. Ambika takes care of Kesar like her own daughter, and gets worried when she gets fever. She massages the baby. Baa tells Ambika that she is seeing saas massaging bahu’s legs for the first time. They laugh. Suraj looks at them. Ambika takes a decision and packs Suraj’s stuff. Baa says you have adopted a stranger girl, and sending your own son far. Ambika tells that Suraj would have gone to London after some years. She says if Suraj stays there, then I couldn’t concentrate on Kesar. She says she has decided to give her their family values so that partition don’t happen in our house again. She says if I have choose between my love for Suraj and responsibility for Kesar then what will happen to my Swear. Baa says Suraj is the eldest grand son and tells that Dheeran’s last memory. Jayati says Suraj is Kesar’s would be husband too, and says what we will tell to people on bhai dooj and rakhi if they stay together. Jinal says it is not easy to send our son from here, and tells that Suraj will stay in his aunt’s house there. Ambika says Suraj needs to go so that Kesar gets respect in the society. Baa asks did you ask Suraj if he wants to go. Suraj says I will go and will not question Maa why she is sending me like Shri Ram went to Vanvas for 14 years.

After 12 years, 2015.

Kesar is shown, putting oil in the diya and doing the aarti. She touches Jinal’s feet and brings juices for everyone. She then comes to Ambika’s room and touches her feet. She calls her Maa. Ambika wakes up and it turns out to be her dream. She wishes that her dream shall fulfilled. Kesar is sleeping under the bed. Ansh asks Riddhi if Kesar can put ghee in akhand jyoot. She says if she could do till now. They bet. Jinal says Darshan has gone on you. Jayati says Riddhi and Ansh are like you. They wonder if Kesar can put ghee in the akhand jyoot or not. Jinal says just Kesar needs to follow our house customs. Ambika comes to the temple and greets baa. Jinal and Jayati bring prasad. Jinal asks Ambika to wake up kesar. Ambika says if we help kids, then they get dependent, and says I want to see if kesar gets ready on time to put ghee in the akhand jyoot. Darshan goes to wake her up. He wakes her up and reminds her that she has to put ghee in the akhand jyoot. Kesar brushes her teeth and comes out after changing her clothes and wetting her clothes as if she has taken bath. Baa says the ghee is finishing. Kesar comes down on skateboard. Ambika realizes she didn’t take bath and tells the children that we take bath before coming to do puja to purify our soul. Kesar feels bad and accepts infront of Ambika that she didn’t take bath. Baa says enough and asks if puja will happen today. Ambika puts the ghee in the akhand jyoot and does aarti. She finishes the puja.

Jayati brings the sweets. Kesar asks her to give it to her first and tries to take the bowl from her hand. Baa hears her and asks Ambika to tell the truth to Kesar, else her mistakes will never end. She says if she comes to know this, then she will understand her responsibility. Ambika says daughter’s mistakes get wiped, and if daughter in law does mistake then it gets printed. Baa asks if you are taunting me. Ambika says no baa, it is not the right time to tell her truth. Baa says if her behavior is such then she can’t become anyone’s bahu. Just then Kesar drops the sweets bowl as she tries to take from jayati’s hands.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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