Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshay to get Khushi kidnapped to separate Ranbir and Prachi

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The Episode starts with Vishaka calling Akshay to her room and tells that she wants to pat on his back for doing the wise thing by bringing Khushi home. She says she was in tension due to Ranbir, as he was doing anything, whatever he does daily and says since everyone knows that Prachi was his wife, he does anything. She says now he will forget Prachi and will love Khushi more, and says that’s why I am proud of you. Akshay says you are right, I didn’t bring Khushi from hostel to distract Ranbir, but to make Ranbir’s bad reflection go away from his life and house forever. Vishaka says nothing shall happen to Ranbir as your sister loves him a lot. Akshay asks her to relax and says nothing will happen to him, but the family will have problem for some days, then everything will be fine. He says things will be messed up for few days, and then Ranbir and Mihika will marry and Prachi and I will stay as husband and wife and Khushi will be our daughter. Vishaka asks what you are going to do? Akshay says Prachi and Ranbir got separated, as Ranbir felt that Khushi died due to her. He says later when they met after many years, they were insecure and fear, as Ranbir used to feel that Prachi will snatch Khushi from him, and Prachi used to think that Ranbir will snatch Khushi from her. He says he will take advantage of their insecurities. Vishaka asks him to understand and says Khushi shall not have any problem. Akshay says for 2 days, everyone will have problem. He says he has come and goes.

Prachi comes to Khushi and asks her to have chole batura. Khushi says the model is wearing a beautiful dress. Prachi asks who gave her fashion magazine. Ranbir says who else will give her. Prachi asks why did he give her and says you have her fashion magazine. Ranbir says her fashion sense will be good from now onwards. Prachi says it is waste to talk to you and asks him to think before doing anything. She tells Khushi that they will have food first. Khushi asks if Papa will have food also. Ranbir says my daughter cares for me so much. Prachi says we don’t keep him hungry and will give him food. She asks her to have food first and then we will eat. Khushi asks him to save her from Mamma. Ranbir runs while keeping Khushi on his back. Prachi asks Khushi to have food. Mihika looks at them, as they enjoy the family time. Khushi and Ranbir have a good time together. Prachi says she is angry and is leaving. Ranbir says Prachi…please…don’t get angry. Khushi says I love you Mamma. Ranbir says I love you too Prachi…and then says sorry. Mihika gets upset.

Akshay meets the goon and says if there was no work then I wouldn’t have called you here. He asks the goon to kidnap her, and gives her photo. He asks him to come during Krishna’s birth and kidnap her. Ranbir asks Prachi to feed food to Khushi. Khushi asks if I really need to have it. Ranbir asks Khushi to obey her mother and says a mother thinks always good of her child. Mihika comes inside and says what is happening here? Ranbir says Khushi is having food. Mihika greets her and says you didn’t meet me. Khushi says I will come to you. Mihika tells her that she is going to marry her Papa. Khushi says means two Mummy. Mihika says double love. Ranbir says triple love, if I could then I will love you so much, but your mummy don’t let me meet you daily. Prachi gets sad. Ranbir tells Mihika that she will be good mother. Prachi gets upset with Ranbir and goes from there. Ranbir comes behind her and asks why are you behaving this way. Prachi asks didn’t you know? She says I know you well. Ranbir says if you had known me well then we wouldn’t have fought ever. Prachi accuses him of trying to snatch her daughter from her again. Ranbir asks what do you mean by again. Prachi says I lost her due to you, when I found her then you came to adopt her, when I wanted to adopt her, and then thanks to Akshay, I could get her. Ranbir says I will not do anything to separate you from her and tells that I know that you are her mother. Prachi says thank God, Akshay is with me. Ranbir says I will talk to you when you calm down. He goes. Vishaka hears them and says I can understand being a mother, and asks her to be careful and keep an eye everywhere. She says I have kept my children safe and my experience can say that Ranbir will try to snatch Khushi from you, but I don’t want a daughter to be separated from her mother. She instigates her against Ranbir and goes.

Manpreet asks Mihika to give peacock feather to Khushi, and says she will be happy. She asks her to bond well with Khushi from her heart. She goes. Vishaka tells Manpreet that Khushi will help you get closer to Ranbir, and says parents like the people who love their children. Mihika says I already love Khushi. Vishaka asks her to pretend to love her more.

Ranbir is thinking of Prachi. Prachi comes there and says she don’t want to talk. Ranbir says we shall sit and talk and clear our misunderstandings, before more misunderstandings come. He says your happiness matters to me a lot and there is nothing important to me than your happiness. Prachi asks him not to talk about her happiness, and says you have hurt me so much, that you have no idea and I was hurt as I trusted you and thought my Ranbir can’t hurt me, but you hurt me. Ranbir says it is all lie and says what is going on in your mind. He asks her to keep her hand on his heart and tells that he just wants her and his happiness, and wants a happy family with them. Prachi says you are wrong as I am not your wife anymore. Ranbir says you are my family, we are one family and says Akshay and others are just for showoff and you know this. He asks her to use her mind and understand the things and says I will not make you understand more. Akshay hears him and smiles. Prachi asks Akshay if you told Ranbir that our marriage is fake. Akshay says I never thinks this way, for me you are my wife and I am your husband. He says I came to talk to you, but your mood is off. He says Khushi told me that Ranbir wants to take me out to park for a walk, but I feel it is not a good idea as weather is bad. He says I couldn’t refuse as I want to be in her good books, and says Ranbir asks Khushi not to tell anyone, and tells that she might not tell you. He asks her to see what she can do. He cooks up a lie to provoke her against Ranbir and smiles.

Prachi runs after Khushi and asks her to have orange juice. Khushi says no and says you have fed me paneer paratha 5 mins back. Prachi says you had it 30 mins before. Mihika comes there. Khushi says she don’t want to have the juice now. Vishaka asks Prachi not to feed her food forcibly and asks her to let do what she wants. Khushi smiles. Prachi says she is good at talks. Mihika says let her chill for sometime.

Prachi sits looking at Khushi. Ranbir sits beside her and asks why you are so sad. Prachi says why I will be bad. Ranbir says I understand your sadness. Prachi says since she is born, she is my part and I forget all my worries. She says she couldn’t get chance to express her love, so she tries to be with her. She says she wants Khushi to be with her like this. Ranbir says you are jealous. Prachi says no. Ranbir tells that Khushi’s love for you will never end, infact it will grow more. She says Khushi’s love will never change for you. Prachi says if you understand my love for her, then don’t separate me from her. Ranbir says why will I separate her from you, you are her mother. Prachi thinks of Akshay and Vishaka’s provocative words. She asks him to promise her. Ranbir says if I wanted to take Khushi then I will take her from infront of her and then you can stop her. He gets up and goes. They start the aarti. Everyone is standing for aarti. Akshay thinks to separate them using Khushi and says Ranbir can’t enter in Prachi’s life again. He calls the goon and asks him to come inside and meet Ranbir. Vishaka asks Akshay to do puja with Prachi. Prachi looks at Ranbir.

Precap: Everyone is looking for Khushi in house. Ranbir asks Akshay what were you going to say. Akshay says I was trying to say that you kidnapped Khushi.
Prachi asks inspector to arrest Ranbir for kidnapping Khushi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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