Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv indirectly saves Shakti from Ranjan

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ranjan’s mother tells Manorama to get gifts for her family. Shakti hears that and thinks this is wrong.. dowry is illegal. She turns to leave but finds Ranjan there. He says you don’t spend time with us at all.. you are always in the kitchen. It feels like Manorama makes you work a lot as she is not your real mother. Shakti says shut up.. she is my mother and I work because its my house. Ranjan says don’t feel bad.. I keep looking for you everywhere. Shakti says you are thinking wrong. Ranjan says I want you with Rimjhim as you are going to be my sister in law. Shakti is shocked and says I will tell Manorama.. she turns to leave but his brother comes there. They both gather around her. Shakti gets scared as Ranjan is about to touch her. Shakti prays for help.. she turns to see Shiv entering the house and says Dr. Shiv.. Ranjan is shocked seeing him. Shakti runs to him and holds his arm. Shiv is confused but holds her hand and asks if everything is okay? Shakti thinks if Shiv gets angry then he won’t spare them. She says everything is fine. He asks sure? Ranjan is scared and tells his brother that Shiv will kill me if he finds out. He starts leaving with this brother but Shiv stops them. He says I feel like I have seen Ranjan before.. Ranjan says we never met, he leaves. Shakti thinks I am sure Shiv has met him before.. I feel like if I find out then I can stop this marriage.

Mandira says to herself that I won’t let Shiv and Shakti become united. Keertan comes there and asks if she called him? Mandira takes his phone and says I need it as my phone is not working, he leaves. Mandira checks his phone and doesn’t find Rimjhim’s number in it. She says thank God, I knew Keertan would never date a girl like Rimjhim. She gets her number from Ranjan and calls her from Keertan’s phone. Rimjhim is stunned seeing him call. She takes it and asks why are you calling me now? why are you playing these games with me? you aren’t letting me go but you also say you don’t want me.. you confessed your love to me, I couldn’t even see your face as you were behind the wall but I still fell in love. You asked me to come to your house and I did with Shakti.. you made me fall in love and then you insulted me like it was nothing.. today is my haldi and now you are calling me? please tell me if you love me or not. Mandira ends the call and says now I understand that Keertan was doing all that for Shakti and Rimjhim thought it was for her.

Shakti comes to Shiv and says I need your help. Shiv says but we aren’t friends. Shakti says you have to otherwise Rimjhim will get married. Shiv says why don’t you want her to marry? what’s wrong?

Mandira calls Rimjhim again from Keertan’s phone. Rimjhim cries and says you are not saying anything but you know once a girl falls in love then she is ready to cross all limits. Mandira ends the call and says now I will use Keertan to fool Rimjhim.

Manorama comes to Shiv and asks what is he doing here? Shiv says Chacha invited me to all functions so I am here. I don’t want to reject people.. he stares at Shakti. Manorama asks if he is talking about Shakti? He says I came here to just help. She says then help me by leaving. Chacha says stop it. Manorama gives him flowers and asks him to start decorating the house. He agrees and goes to do it. Shakti goes to him and asks why is he here? Shiv says why did you reject my friendship? Shakti says you will increase this function’s value by coming here. Shiv says my value will increase if you become my friend. Shakti and Shiv both pick up the chair together. They stare at each other lovingly. Shiv trips while staring at her and she laughs. Ranjan sees them together and says if Shiv recognizes me then Mandira won’t spare me. He calls Mandira and says Shiv is here so how can I do your work? Mandira says Shiv doesn’t have good memory and I have already given him some medicine so just do your work. He says okay.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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