Pandya Store 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amba covers up Bhaven’s act

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The Episode starts with Amba stopping Natasha and taking her outside. She asks Chabeli to pack Natasha’s bag and get it. She calls Dhawal. She says come home soon, Natasha’s pagphere mahurat is today. She asks Natasha to sit there. She goes. Natasha smiles. Hetal and Dolly get worried seeing Pranali. Dolly says I can’t see blood. Amba says everything is fine. Dolly says this is not good, I have recording of their fight. Amba says don’t worry, go to your room. Hetal asks Bhaven how did this happen. Bhaven says it happened by mistake. Hetal says I saw you both fighting in the market. He says trust me, we were fighting, but this happened by mistake. She says call the doctor. He calls the doctor. The ambulance comes there. Natasha says they are coming here. Amba says I had called the doctor, I m the patient. He asks are you Pranali. Amba says Pranali is my Bahu, she is a doctor, check my BP if you have come. Dhawal comes and asks are you okay. Amba says yes, I will just come. She asks Dhawal to drop Natasha home. Natasha takes her blessings. Dhawal and Natasha leave.

Doctor treats Pranali. Pranali gets conscious. Bhaven asks her to have water. She throws the glass and says stay away from me. Hetal cries and says stay calm, don’t fight in front of the doctor. Doctor gives the prescription. He asks how did you fall. Pranali looks at Bhaven. Amrish comes and sees Pranali. Doctor leaves. Chirag comes. Amrish asks what happened, are you fine. Hetal says these two were fighting in the market, and everyone were seeing them. Amrish gets angry. Pranali says Bhaven would have killed me today, but I got saved. Amba asks what are you saying, you are calling your husband a murderer, Natasha is teaching wrong things to Hetal and Pranali. Amrish asks where is Natasha. Amba says I sent her to pagphere, she doesn’t know about this, else she would have called the police. Dhawal and Natasha are on the way. He plays music. She changes the song. Roop tera mastana…plays… They change the song. Bheege honth….plays… They feel odd.

Amrish slaps Bhaven. Bhaven says listen to me first, it happened accidentally. Amrish asks how dare you do a drama in the market, our family has a respect and position, will you ruin it, fight inside the room, I asked you to control your wife, fear shouldn’t be of hands, but eyes, these things shouldn’t reach Natasha, remember this Pranali. He warns Pranali. Suman welcomes Dhawal and Natasha home. She does their aarti. She asks Dhawal to stay back. Dhawal looks at Natasha. She says no, let him go, he has group studies. Dhawal says yes, I have to study, I have to go. He leaves. Natasha hugs Suman.

Amrish threatens Pranali about her family. He asks her to go to her Maayka if she does anything wrong. He asks everyone to follow the rules. He says Makhwana bahus aren’t permitted to go out and work. He lectures Pranali and asks her to learn to respect Bhaven. Amba asks Chirag to go and handle Dolly, she has seen everything, explain her. Chirag goes to Dolly. She says Bhaven didn’t do this right, I m scared. Chirag says calm down, they always fight, its their love, smile for me now.

He says book the tickets, we will go out on honeymoon. She says yes. Dhawal comes to meet Natasha. Natasha wakes up and sees him. She pushes him down. Suman says its some thief, get my stick… Natasha worries.

Amrish says Dahi handi should come in Makhwana family. Dhawal gives his word. Suman asks Natasha and Mittu to get the dahi handi. Natasha says we will win. Amba says I will not let our respect get ruined, I won’t let Natasha participate.

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