Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu turns homeless

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vandu and everyone leaving. Thi zindagi….plays… Vandu and everyone recall their moments in the house. Kunal looks on. A biker passes. The ladies get scared. Vandu says calm down. Aaji says I never felt so scared, why am I feeling scared today. Vandu says we feel scared when we don’t know where we have to go, sorry, come. Bobby and Vedika worry for them. He asks Vedika to do something. Vandu and everyone hold hands and walk on the road. It starts raining. Mrunal says this is happening because of you. Aaji asks what will we do now. Vandu calls Vaibhav. She says I m in a big problem, come and help me. He asks what happened. She tells him everything. He asks is he mad, I asked you not to argue with him. She says I need your help, come and take us. He says fine, talk to Aai once, I m in Pune, I came here for press conference, I m not there, call Aai and talk to her. She says fine. He says sorry, take care, I would have come if I was there. She calls his mum. Vedika goes to Kunal. He runs outside and looks for Vandu’s family. Vedika says you ruined their respect, you made them homeless.

Vandu calls again. Vaibhav’s mum answers and asks what happened, is this the time to call. Vandu says so sorry, there is a problem, I will tell you everything, we all have become homeless, let us stay in your house for one night. Vaibhav’s mum says I won’t refuse, but we are not at home, we came to ashram, Vaibhav went to Pune. Vandu asks for the house keys. Vaibhav’s mum lies and ends the call.

Vandu asks Mrunal to call her friends and ask for help. Mrunal refuses to ruin her respect. She says this is happening because of you, you help us out. Anagha also scolds Vandu. They stand under a shelter. Kunal worries. He asks himself did he do right. He hears Pammi shouting and runs to see Kuldeep.

He asks Kuldeep to calm down. Pammi says he was eating those pills, I stopped him, he got saved. Kunal asks why are you doing this. Kuldeep says I want to die. Kunal says no, talk sense with me. Vandu takes care of her family. Aaji asks her to come under shelter. Vandu says this storm will get calm for sure. Ye kya kiya…plays… She hugs them and cries.

Aaji says I will wash the utensils, will we get the breakfast. Vandu stops her. Kunal says I should do bad with Vandana. Vandu gets Vijay’s message.

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