1st Epi – Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: A promising start – Ambika adopts her future daughter in law

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show starts in Surat-year 2003. A baby wrapped in white cloth and is lying on the coal bed of the train. She is crying. The goons are following the train in the jeep. The goon says if the girl goes away from the hands then it will be problem.

Shakuntala comes to the house, where the girls are dancing and playing dandiya. She collides with the waiter and is about to fall, when Bhakti holds her hand and asks if this is the time to come. Shakuntala tells that they come late and get more respect. Bhakti says in Raj Kaur family, they do everything on time. She tells that Raj Kaur family helped the people when the earthquake had come, they sent food to every houses. Shakuntala asks who is that generous person? Bhakti shows her Ambika, Raj Kaur family’s eldest daughter in law/bahu. Ambika brings the aarti plate and gives to Pandit ji. Shakuntala says she is like a picture heroine and asks why she is not having sindoor in her maang. Bhakti tells that Dheeran Bhai has left her some years back, and since then she has handled the house and the family. Shakuntala sees garland on Dheeran’s photo frame. She asks if there is no family member in the family. Bhakti says her elder brother in law Praveen and his wife Jinal. She then shows the youngest brother in law, Jinesh and his wife Hetal. Ambika sees file in Hetal’s hands. Pandit ji gives shank to Ambika. Ambika plays the shank. Bhakti says they have so much love between them. Shakuntala says I am seeing what you are not telling also, and tells that some big drama is going to happen today.

Ambika prays to God and thinks nobody knows about Hetal’s doings, and asks God to show some solution. She does aarti and signs Hetal. The baby is crying in the train. Ambika signs Hetal to come. Hetal comes to front and do aarti with her husband. Ambika breaks the coconut. The rain starts and the rain drops fell in the baby’s mouth. The train stops at Surat Station. The baby continues to cry. Ambika’s son Suraj tells that he will give the prasad to everyone. Ambika says ok and asks Mansukh to come. Hetal comes to her. Ambika goes from there. Shakuntala tells Bhakti that Hetal will do something now. Bhakti asks where is your son Kabir? Shakuntala says I sent him for work.

The boy Kabir is shown, jumping in the railing station and jumps to the other side of the trains where other boys are waiting for him. Kabir asks them to steal 1 kg each coal. The boy asks what you will do then? Kabir says he will steal 2 kgs, double as he is Saurav Ganguly. The boy asks since when you have become captain, I will become captain. Kabir says the workers might be coming, and asks them to begin stealing. While his friends go, Kabir hears the baby crying. He is about to go, when he hears baby crying again and turns. Just then the train’ weight lifter falls down. Kabir thinks if I had not moved then would have got crushed under it, the baby’s voice saved me. He comes to the boggie and sees the baby. He whistles and calls his frends. Hetal tries to talk to Ambika. Ambika says we shall talk later. Shakuntala tells Bhakti that she feels hungry when she watches cinema. Ambika asks Hetal to come. She asks Jinesh to come. Jinal asks her to come. Hetal says she don’t want any photo to be clicked and asks Ambika to sign on the papers now itself. Their Mother in law asks what Hetal wants? Hetal says this is the partition papers. Ambika gets teary eyed.

Shakuntala says the drama started. The boy thinks if she is crying doll. Kabir says she is the real girl and keeps hand on her hand and she stops crying. They hear the masons coming there to clear to coal from the train. The boy tells that they shall leave from here. Kabir says this girl has saved my life, now it is my turn to save her. They all get down. They see the masons starting to empty the coal compartment. Kabir tells his friends that they shall lift the weapons else the girl will be buried in the coal. They use the sling shot/catapult and hit at some other place to distract the masons. The masons go away to check. Kabir comes to the other side and catches the baby as she slides down with the coal. He smiles looking at her. The boy asks what we will do now? The goons come there to take the baby while Kabir and the boys go away from there. Kabir comes to the PS, while his friends refuse to come. He keeps the baby on the bench and is about to go, when the baby starts crying. Kabir sees the Police Inspector picking the baby from the bench and says baby is safe now with the Police.

Baa asks what you are saying Hetal? Hetal says my husband will not become the Servant of Bhabhi. Ambika asks Jinesh, what is she saying and tells him that she gave him money for his business. Hetal says you didn’t give the money from yourself, and tells that it is their property. She says she is asking her to do partition since 3 months. Baa tells that she had chosen Hetal, and tells that bahu can’t be beti. Hetal says my mother understands me well, which you don’t and says saas also can’t become a mother. Baa says you said right, if I slap Jayati then she will bear it, and if I raise my finger at you, then you will go to PS, this is the difference between bahu and beti. Hetal says bahu can’t become a beti, as saas couldn’t see her bahu as beti like you. Jayati asks how you are talking to Baa? Hetal asks her not to open her mouth and says you are sitting at home even after marriage. Jinal argues with Hetal asking what is she saying? Hetal says you don’t care for your husband’s happiness, he is sad to work under Ambika. Ambika is shattered and says she didn’t cry even when her husband died, as she has family with her. She says today you made me numb. She goes out, while Baa asks Ambika to refuse to give share to Hetal. Hetal asks her to sign. She is walking on the road, when the driver stops the car and asks if she is fine.

The Manager says Police man had come to the orphanage and handover this baby, but I don’t know how to handle the small baby. He says he was bringing the baby to her, as she is not responding and is silent. Ambika takes baby in her lap and pats on her back. The baby starts crying. Ambika then feeds milk to her using the spoon. She recalls Baa and Hetal’s words. Hetal asks Baa, until when they shall wait for Ambika. Ambika returns and asks her not to talk with Baa in high tone. Shakuntala asks what is the matter, seeing the baby. Hetal asks whom you brought? Ambika asks Hetal to give the papers. Hetal gives the papers. Everyone asks Ambika not to sign. Ambika signs the papers. Hetal laughs and says we are not breaking the relations, we will come every Sunday. Jinesh nods his head. Ambika says if we want such a family, who visit every Sunday. She tells Hetal that she didn’t want to get the photo clicked with them, and tells that the family’s support is a blessing. She tells about the importance of the family and says I don’t want you to be sad, and that’s why I am giving your share to you. She asks her to think sitting alone, who will help money or family during tough times. She asks if anyone else needs anything. She asks Pareen Bhai, if he is sad to work under her. Jinal and her husband refuse to get any share and says they want to stay with the family. She asks Jayati if she wants her share, and says nobody here feels bad as you stay with us. Jayati refuses to get her share.

Ambika says our family will not bear this partition. She says I want solution for this and Ambe Maa has put the solution in my lap. Baa asks what solution. Ambika says the destiny has put this baby in the orphanage, and now she will become the flower of our temple. She says I will adopt her as a daughter in law, and not as daughter. She says she will be educated by me and I will give her values, and she will be called as bahu of the Raj Gaur family. Baa asks Bahu….Ambika says this world will know her as Kesar Suraj Raj Gaur. She says I will get her married to my son at the right time, and says till then I will shower my motherly love on her as a mother and will teach her good values so that she can make her husband’s house better. Shakuntala claps and says don’t know whose blood you are hugging and saying this. Ambika asks who are you? Shakuntala introduces herself. Ambika says I will pray that God shall give you a long life, and says I will get Kesar marry my son Suraj after 20 years. She swears infront of God that they will change the people’s perspective and the society customs, and tells that Kesar and I will change the meaning of saas and bahu and says the impossible lies in possible, kyunki saas maa bahu beti hoti hai. She plays the shank holding Kesar.

Precap: Baa asks where is bahu rani and asks if she can put ghee in akand jyoot. Jinal says she is 12 years old and will do it. Ambika tells Kesar that they take bath before puja to purify their soul. Baa asks Ambika to tell Kesar that she is the would be bahu of their house. Shakuntala brings Kesar home and tells Ambika that it doesn’t look like she will fulfill her swear. Kesar asks Ambika, what she is saying?

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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