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Udaariyaan 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia and Armaan romance

Udaariyaan 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rano and everyone gifting the jewellery to Aasma. The ladies praise Aasma. Rano applies kajal to Aasma. She sees Aasma and asks didn’t Armaan give you bangles. Deepak and family come to meet Aasma. Aasma hugs Deepak and Minty. Sukhi asks Rano did you do all arrangements of Pagphere. Deepak asks about Armaan. Aasma says he went to the hospital, his friend’s mom is sick. Sukhi thinks Armaan told his wife before going. Alia gets Armaan home. He gets Aasma’s call. Alia answers it on speaker. Aasma says dad is taking me for pegphere, come to pick me around 7pm. He says fine. Alia disconnects and says come with me. He says you got me to your house. Alia shouts and calls everyone. She says I want you all to meet someone. He asks what foolishness are you doing. He tries to leave. She pushes on down and gets close to him.

She says you got scared, don’t underestimate my courage, I m not like you, there is no one at home, everyone went to satsang, I made an excuse that I m not well, come. Biji welcomes Aasma home. They all dance. Deepak feeds her the food. Biji says Deepak made the food for you. Preeto says yes, he didn’t let us help. Aasma says you made all this. Deepak says eat it. Ashok says he cried a lot for you. Minty says we have to talk to Aasma about Armaan. Armaan sees the decorations. He asks what’s all this, Alia.

She hugs him. He says I m tense thinking how to get rid of this marriage, and you are doing silly things. She argues with him. She says you would have done something, don’t tell me you didn’t see her or touch her. He recalls Aasma. Minty teases Aasma about the first night. Alia gets angry and says how shall I explain myself, you became of someone else, how shall I tolerate it.

He says you don’t trust me. She says you broke my trust. He says you are my wife, not Aasma. Aasma is silent. Minty and Silky joke. Alia questions Armaan. Aasma says I will go to Biji. Aasma cries and goes out. Deepak sees her and asks are you hiding something. She says you have sent me to someone else’s house, you will be tense. He says you are my strong child. She hugs him. Preeto and Biji smile. Preeto prays.

Alia says don’t say anything, I got this moment with you with difficulty. Sukhi calls him. Alia takes the phone. Armaan asks her to give the phone. Alia says no, you won’t talk to anyone, I have a surprise for you. Sukhi calls Timmy and asks for Armaan. Timmy says he went to get medicine. Sukhi says he has to go and pick Aasma, make me talk to him. Baby laughs. Everyone waits for Armaan. Aasma worries. Alia gets ready and comes. Armaan smiles seeing her. Baby, Dadi and Tannu come to meet Aasma. She sees Deepak and taunts him. She says don’t know Armaan will come or not, so we have come to take Aasma. Aasma thinks why is Bua saying this. Rano and Raja come. Rano says its nothing like that, my son will come. Alia and Armaan romance. Ekam comes home. Armaan doesn’t check his phone. Ekam calls out Alia.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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