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Imlie 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Fools Agastya

Imlie 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imlie excitedly looks at the car’s AC and TV screen. Driver warns her to stop checking them or else she will spoil them. Imlie apologizes. She then tries to read a name on a file in car. Driver warns her to dare not touch Noyonika Madam’s file. They reach Agastya’s Sweet Shop. Imlie notices Agastya leaving in his car and asks driver to block his way. Driver does same. Agastya gets out of the car and scolds driver. Imlie gets out of car. Agastya gets mesmerized with her beauty and calms down. Imlie asks if he was saying something. Agastya says her car suddenly blocked his way. Imlie acts as scolding driver. Agastya gets impressed and asks her name. Imlie recalls name she read in car and says she is Noyonika Johri. Jugnu joins them and introduces himself. Imlie impresses even him.

Agastya asks her if she came to have food at his shop. Imlie says she came here for a chef’s job. Agastya asks if she is from famous Johri family, she can open her own outlets. Imlie says only a Jugnu can spread light without any hard work, she wants to work hard and build a name of her own. Jugnu gets impressed and asks Agastya to directly appoint her as super chef. Agastya says he wants a fair competition and asks her to prepare any of her favorite dish in 2 minutes. Imlie asks how can she prepare anything in just 2 minutes. Agastya says if she becomes chef, she has to serve dishes to clients in less than 2 minutes.

Imlie nervously tries to light gas and drops match sticks in water. She delivers a heavy dialogue like her mother, gets fire by rubbing stones, and switches on gas. She thinks what she can prepare in 2 minutes and starts preparing halwa. Agastya returns and says she failed her test. She offers him halwa. Agastya says he hates sweets. Imlie asks if Jugnu will test her halwa. Jugnu asks how can he. Imlie convinces Agastya with her emotional dialogues. Agastya tastes halwa and recalls his mother’s halwa. Imlie asks if it took him to his childhood. Agastya says it’s lovely and appoints her as a super chef. Imlie gets happy. Babli passes by and is shocked to see Imlie with a rich man. She clicks photo and shows it to Pallo maami.

Back home, Imlie gets emotional and thinks Noyonika must be happy as she got a chef’s tag. She thinks she will gather money soon for Ashu’s treatment. Ashu walks to her and says he will go to lord Radha rani in 6 months. Imlie asks who said that. Ashu says Babli and Pallo said he will die in 6 months. Imlie says it’s not in their hands and let’s leave it to Radha rani and party now. She goes to get food and finds Pallo leaving a small leftover portion. Pallo says she can scratch the vessel and give that food to Ashu as she must have already had food after trapping a rich man. Imlie sits confused. Pallo shows her and Agastya’s photo.

Precap: Amrit falls for Imlie seeing her singing in a bar and offers her a modeling job in his modeling agency.

Update Credit to: MA


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