Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Angad Is Hurt With Sahiba’s Behavior

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Sahiba tells Angad that he is afraid that people and family will badmouth that his wife left him for a lover who is sending flowers for her. Angad asks her to stop. Sahiba says she will speak and asks him to return to the one he loves. Angad walks away. Sau Dard Hai.. song plays in the background. Rumi watches Sahiba silently. Angad is hurt with Sahiba’s behavior. Sahiba tries to open her hostel room. Angad returns to her. Sahiba asks what now. Angad gives a note to her and walks away. Sahiba throws it away and struggles to open the door. Rumi walks to her and asks if she needs his help. Sahiba says door is not opening and gives access card to him. He wipes off ink from the barcode and opens door. Sahiba walks into the room and thanks him. Rumi asks if she is okay. She nods yes and closes door. He picks his note from the floor.

Manveer searches for Angad. Maid says he has gone out. Seerat informs her that Angad has gone to give flowers to Manveer. Manveer asks what in shock. Seerat says she will explain. Sahiba thinks if it wasn’t Angad, who came so closer to her and sent flowers. She recalls Angad telling maybe her lover sent her flowers. Seerat describes whole incident to Manveer. Manveer says Sahiba must be having a lover for sure and was acting as if Angad was at fault, disgusting woman. She asks where Angad must be. Seerat calls Sahiba and asks her to give phone to Angad. Sahiba says Angad is not here. Seerat asks not to lie as Angad has come there with flowers. Sahiba asks her to stop acting after her heinous act of proposing her sister’s husband. Seerat asks her to send Angad from there as Manveer is worried for him. Sahiba says Angad left long ago and disconnects call asking her not to call her again.

Sahiba gets worried for Angad. Manveer asks Veer to check where Angad is. Sahiba calls Veer and asks where is Angad. Veer says he didn’t reach home and they are all worried for him. Angad reaches his office and asks staff to inform home that he is here. Manveer gets a call and informs Veer that Angad is in office. Veer asks Sahiba if she heard it and disconnects call. Manveer asks whom he was speaking to. Veer says Sahiba who is worried for Angad. Manveer cusses Sahiba.

Keerat calls Sahiba and asks if she is fine and had dinner. Sahiba lies that she had matar paneerr and rumali roti. Keerat asks her to stop lying. Sahiba expresses how disheartened she is after she learnt that Seerat proposed Angad and Angad hid it from her thinking she would overreact, he then himself expressed his love for Seerat. Keerat gets angry and says she will go and break Seerat’s head. Sahiba asks her not to do anything. Keerat asks her not to feel lonely as her sister is there for her support.
Rumi writes his and Sahiba’s name on a paper and says soon they will be together.

Angad continues to work at office till the morning and asks servant to bring coffee. Pam reaches office and asks servant if Angad sir reached office early today. Servant informs that Angad came at night and is working since then, he ordered at least 10 coffees whole night. Pam walks to Angad and says she chose personalized couple gifts as per his order a few days ago and shows him options. Angad angrily says he doesn’t want to discuss personal things at office and asks her to take them away. Manveer with Seerat walks in and asks him what happened to him. Angad shouts nothing happened to him.

Precap: Rumi hides in Sahiba’s hostel room and disconnects it’s power. Sahiba thinks why there is no power only in her room and finds a letter. Seerat reaches there and asks if she is hiding someone inside the room and hid him once she came in.

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