Radha Mohan 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini has taken over the entire property of the Trivedi

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Mohan demands the inspector should arrest them both for trespassing into his house and trying to murder his wife, the Inspector instructs the constable to arrest them both, Damini stops the constable questioning for which crime are they being arrested when the Inspector says for trespassing into the house of someone else without their permission, Damini requests the Inspector to give her five minutes after which they will find out weather she is the one who committed the crime or someone else. Damini asks the person to come inside and the lawyer walks into the house, Tulsi thinks Damini is once again playing some other game, and would never let Mohan or her family live peacefully. The lawyer comes mentioning the Inspector cannot arrest Miss Damini, and should arrest the Trivedi’s. Mohan along with the entire family is shocked when he asks if Devika has lost her mind informing that this is their house, Devika says she is sorry as this house belonged to him but now belongs to Damini, hearing which everyone is shocked. Devika says that Trivedi house along with the publication business and even the entire belongings of the Trivedi family now belongs to Damini legally. Damini nods with a smile on her face after hearing it, Mohan questions what is she saying, Devika hands the letters to the Inspector who checks it.

Mohan takes it from his hand and after reading it is shocked to read the property transfer agreement, Kadambari asks Mohan why is he quiet and what is written in these papers, Mohan says that he and his mother have never signed on these papers, Damini insists they have signed on them. Kadambari also reads the papers when Radha asks what is written in them, Damini mentions she has been handling their business for so many years and there are so many papers which he and Maa have signed which they have no idea about, Mohan asks if the Inspector is seeing as she is accepting she got these papers signed in deception, Damini mentions it is smartness and explains Mohan has no proof that she has done anything wrong because he has signed the papers while being in his full senses and these signatures also belong to him, which would also be shown in the forensic. Damini says she has not done any sort of cheating and these papers are even registered in the office of the registrar, where she took both Maa and Mohan, Kadambari is forced to remember when she says Damini took her there to sign the papers for Gungun, Damini says that on that day Kadambari gave everything which belonged to them to Damini and that too in front of the register, they all have done everything legally and can even check it.

Mohan takes the papers from Kadambari and gives them to Shekar who also starts checking them, Shekar after due inspection says that she is right and all these papers are legal, and there is only one way to counter this by presenting the real documents which are on the name of Mohan and not with Damini, Shekar says they can challenge her claim if she has not submitted them to the registrar, Mohan asks what does Damini think that she can take over this entire property by presenting the fake papers, he vows to go and bring the original documents. Radha exclaims the safe has a password so no one can take them from there, Mohan says he is going to throw the papers on her face so Mohan and Radha leave.

Kadambari asks Shekar to check the papers carefully.

Mohan mentions that whenever they feel that Damini cannot do anything more wrong she does something even more heinous, Radha opening the safe explains the original papers are not here, Mohan is shocked and also checks for the real documents, Damini coming to the door of the room asks Mohan what has happened, Damini remembers when she took out the bag and handed the papers to Kaveri instructing she should first take care of the papers.

Damini coming to them asks if the papers have disappeared, she asks what do they think that both she and her mother have come here to play fancy dress, she asks them to look when Kaveri burns the papers in front of Radha and Mohan, seeing which both of them are shocked as the real papers are burning. Damini remembers when Mandra brought the papers for them saying that the she brought what they had asked from her.

Damini asks Mohan to let it go as everything would be fine, kaveri throws the original papers on the floor whole Mohan and Radha run to her, Damini thinks that fire is the weakness of Tulsi and she cannot do anything to protect the papers, Mohan picks the papers but they have already been burnt, Radha stops Mohan from hurting Kaveri saying he cannot ruin his own image by hurting Kaveri, Damini comes clapping saying that the reputation of the Trivedi burnt along with their respect and everything, Radha mentions it is enough explaining that not the Trivedi family but she will be ruined, Devika stops Radha while standing at the door with a male constable, she warns Radha to not even think about harming Damini otherwise she would suffer the consequence. Devika says that even the police is here along with the lawyers of Damini who would get Radha arrested for threatening Radha. Devika asks if the constable saw how both the husband and wife are threatening her client, the constable asks them to go outside when Kaveri leaves exclaiming she has burnt everything.

Damini says that they all have to watch the entire drama before going away, kaveri also exclaims they should go and have the Parshad somewhere else.

Mohan comes with Radha but Devika instructs the Inspector should arrest them both as they have tried to raise their hand on her client Damini. Tulsi warns that no one should raise their hand on Radha. Damini requests Devika to let it be since their entire family has lost everything, Mohan instructs her to shut up saying she will come on the road, Mohan explains Kaveri masi has burnt the original documents in front of him. Mohan asks how can someone throw them out of their own house, Shekar says it can happen if they do not have the original property documents, Damini asks them to stop this melodrama and leave since she is tired and desires to sleep, Kaveri angrily exclaims they should do this drama on the road while must leave this house. Damini mentions she is also saying it politely that they should leave her house otherwise she has other ways to throw them out of this house. Radha is shocked while Damini is adamant.

Precap: Damini says she is giving them another chance and they all can live into this house but Radha has to leave, Damini says that his mother would not be able to live as she gets treated with expensive medicine while even Gungun studies in the most expensive school in the city, Mohan angrily questions what is she talking about, Damini replies this is the only choice he has left, Mohan gets worried.

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