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Neerja 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Didun learns about Neerja finding a job

Neerja 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neerja says its already 2 days and still doesn’t have a job and says let me talk to Protima it will give me strength. Neerja tries calling Protima and says why is Protima not reachable.
Didun scolds Mala for making the customer wait. Shabbo says to Didun, your punishment to Protima has straightened every woman in Sonagachi. Didun asks Shabbo what about Shamli and Chakri.

Shamli says to Chakri she is worried about Protima. Neerja calls Shamli and asks about Protima. Shamli decides not to tell Neerja truth and says Protima is working in another clinic to manage money for your passport. Neerja says I feel so guilty to not be able to help Protima but don’t worry tomorrow I am going to a coaching class to teach, I have an interview. As Shamli ends the call, Didun barges in. She asks what Neerja said, and Shamli responds that she’s inquired about Protima. Didun wants to know about Bappan and Shamli tells her he’s still unconscious.

Didun threatens that they can only punish Bappan once he wakes up. She gives Shamli three choices: death, jail, or cutting off Bappan’s hands and legs and making him beg. Shamli pleads with Didun to forgive Bappan, but Didun agrees only if Shamli confesses about Protima’s plan.

Shamli apologizes to Protima in her mind and confesses all the truth to her. Meanwhile, Neerja is at an elite coaching class giving an interview. The Principal criticizes her broken English, but Neerja confidently explains that she’s there to teach math because someone told her that befriending math would help her students. She says with confidence that she can teach them.

The Principal gets impressed with her confidence and offers her the job. She says her salary is 15000, and Neerja gets happy hearing it.

Just then, Didun barges in and threatens the Principal. She reveals that Neerja is from Sonagachi, and the Principal gets angry at Neerja for stepping foot in such a pure and pious place. Moushmi buys a kurta for Ganesh Pooja and asks about Sartak. Sartak says he has many shirts already.

Didun brings Neerja to a group of men for them to molest her as punishment for her betraying Didun. Neerja pleads with Didun, but she doesn’t listen. A furious Neerja breaks a bottle and threatens to harm her body, shocking Didun.

Pre cap: Neerja runs away from Didun’s men, they chase Neerja.
neerja gets in a Ganesh Chaturthi Procession.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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