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Keh Doon Tumhein 16th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant catches Ganesh

Keh Doon Tumhein 16th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a man announcing about the yatra event at the temple in the evening hours. The man asks the people to come to take Devi Aai’s blessing. Kirti gets ready. Sudhakar and Dadi argue. Kirti says I m going for the interview. Madhuri says I will get curd sugar. Sudhakar says all the best, sorry, I will buy a new shirt. Kirti says no need, I m not upset, someone else is upset with you. She cracks a joke and signs about Madhuri. She asks Puru not to trouble Madhuri. Vikrant greets her and says all the best for the interview, I will talk to principal. She says no need, I won’t do cheating, else how will I teach Puru, I will get the job if I m talented, did you eat the halwa, I made it in jaggery. He says I had it and became your fan. She says thanks. She goes.

He thinks the girls always wanted a benefit from me, you are different Kirti, so I m not able to kill you. He calls Ganesh carpenter and says I want to fix net on my windows, can you come. Principal asks did you work in the library before. Kirti says no. The man taunts her. Principal says Vikrant has sent you, its imp than experience. She says no, don’t say that, I love books, so I want to become a librarian, I read Malhar’s all the poems. He smiles.

The man questions her. She questions him back. She says I will do online research and read reviews to recommend the books to the students. Principal says she is intelligent, she will learn soon, am I right. She says yes, it’s a promise, I won’t give you a chance to complain. The man says we will see. Principal says you can join. Kirti goes to see the library. She says sorry, I m too excited, it’s the best job for me, I m obsessed for books. The man asks will you do the work, you came here on Vikrant’s word, you can’t get lazy, I m seeing this library since 17 years, I will see you also. She says I will also see you and learn work. The man says I will teach you, don’t worry, you make me happy, you will also stay happy.

She starts laughing. She says some people find happiness in work and some find happiness and come to work, I m from first category, you won’t have any complains with my work. She gets a call. He says silence. She takes the call and says I got the job. Madhuri says she got the job.

Kirti says sorry, it was a call from home. The man says make the entry of the new books, I m going out for imp work, do the work. She says its your duty hours, help me, its my first day. He says I decide my duty hours and yours also, get to work. He goes. Ganesh asks where to fix the net. Vikrant says all the windows, you know it well, fix a strong net here, people come inside the house to work and steal anything, such thieves should get punished, right. Ganesh says yes. Vikrant keeps the gold chain on the drawer and says I m so careless to leave the chain here.

Vikrant takes a knife and goes to him. He stabs the man. Madhuri comes there and calls out Vikrant. Vikrant imagines that. Madhuri says I got special coconut laddoos for you. She talks nonstop. He says I got principal’s call, thanks for the sweets, I have to meet the principal. She goes.

Kirti sees Vikrant coming. She greets him. He says congrats, you got the job. She says this happened because of you, thanks. He says you got this because of your talent. She says work is less, students don’t come to library, they get everything online, we used to do research and work hard, sorry, I m old fashioned. He says right, students will know the value of education if they love the books. He goes to the class and says chemistry theory class won’t be there, go to library and prepare research paper on sulphuric acid, Kirti will help you, don’t use mobiles, I will check the library cctv. He says all the best. Kirti thanks him.

Ganesh runs to his place and says don’t tell anyone where I went. Bittu calls Vikrant and says Ganesh is preparing to run away to his village. He gets the taxi. He asks are you going to bus stand, come, I will drop you. Ganesh says hurry up. They leave. Bittu stops the car. Ganesh asks why did you stop the car. Bittu says car might be thirsty. Ganesh goes to call out Bittu. Vikrant asks did you get the net sample. Ganesh says I was going to get it. Vikrant says good, what should we punish if we get the thief. Ganesh asks what can I say. Vikrant says you are saying like you did the theft. Ganesh says don’t call the police, I have two kids. Vikrant says fine, but I thought of another punishment for you. Ganesh asks what. Bittu puts a sack over him.

Vikrant asks where is the necklace. Ganesh says I threw it. Vikrant threatens him. He smiles hearing Kirti’s words. Ganesh runs away.

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