Katha Ankahee 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan and Katha spend the night out.

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Katha and Viaan performs the traditional rituals at the shrine. They both pray together, for each other.

Liza sends a picture of Teeji and Maya having a meeting with EarthCon employees to Ehsan. He knows that the man who on committee team in Shamita’s case. He wonders what they want from him.
Katha gets up, takes Viaan’s hand for the final prayer before they leave. A shawl convers them as they depart from the shrine. Viaan helps Katha sort her dupatta. They both come out to drink the drink of love, informing Katha why it’s called the drink of love. Viaan asks her to taste it and know it herself. Katha defines the drink as peace. Viaan and Katha exchange compliments for the drink, wash their hands afterwards to serve some juice to people.

Maya knows that the prolonged case extracted a lot of unknown information. She asks him to remember any unusual confirmation. Teeji thinks that this exercise is useless. Maya suggests bringing him coffee to boost his memory. The man recalls Viaan passing a comment that caused a heated argument between Katha and Viaan. Viaan said that he considered low of women. Maya questions, it isn’t a strong argument. The man tells that Katha asked Viaan if he ever offered someone money to spend a night with him. Teeji and Maya were shocked. Vanya enters the house asking for Viaan. Maya sends the officer, gives him the back containing half of the money, and will get the remaining money after work is done. Maya questions Vanya for coming here since Viaan isn’t here.

Ehsan enters the elevator with that colleague threatening to inform him about the discussion he had with Maya inside. The man worries since everyone is threatening him, asks Ehsan not to drag his name into this.

Vanya tells that she brought Viaan’s wedding gift from her and her mother. Teeji shouts at her, Vanya and her mother have given this family enough presents. Maya stops Teeji, sends Vanya home. Maya suggests Teeji to use her energy to break Katha and Viaan instead of wasting it on anger on someone else. Teeji never thought about Viaan offering someone money to spend a night with him, she didn’t raise him up that way. Maya doesn’t care what happened, she wants to know if this information could break Viaan and Katha or not.

Vanya sits in the car; Ehsan asks what happened. Everything happened other than what she expected. Ehsan had to do this, to meet the man and know what Maya is up to. Vanya questions, Ehsan can not lie to her. Vanya questions if he tells the truth to the girls he hangout with. Ehsan will tell Vanya the truth at the right time, asks her to leave for now. Vanya questions, they were supposed to go to Garewal Mansion for Sangeet mansion. Ehsan has to go on a date with Liza. Vanya calls him selfish.

Maya connects the dot, according to her research Katha last met Viaan, after which she magically got the money, the interrogation questions are clearing all the doubts. Katha was desperate to save her son’s life, would have slept with anyone for it but what was Viaan’s reason. Teeji was disheartened and disappointed. Maya asks her not to worry, despite Teeji’s upbringing, children have their own reasons and opinions. They need to focus on whether this information will call off the wedding.

Vanya questions, Ehsan called her here in need and now asking her to leave. She feels bad for Liza. Ehsan thought of her as an independent woman but if not so he will drop her home. Vanya gets out of the car, Ehsan leaves. Ehsan is apologetic, he doesn’t have any time to explain to her, if he is late, Maya would stop the wedding.

Teeji tells Maya about receiving a call from an unknown number. Maya asks her to pick up, it might be Viaan. Teeji attends the call, it was Viaan telling her that he and Katha would have to stay here for night due to a little inconvenience. Maya requests Teeji to calm down, she asks them to stay safe and reach home early in the morning. Maya wants Viaan not to worry, she will talk to the Garewal on his behalf. Viaan asks if its awkward for them to stay out for a night before marriage. Maya jokes about it, she wouldn’t have let Viaan get married before a live – in if he was in Paris. Maya considers this a golden opportunity to investigate them.

Katha tells Viaan about her idea of a marriage being different from the one that’s actually happening, she wanted an intimate wedding not the extravagant one she is having now. Viaan remembers, they are doing it for their friends, but for them happiness within each other’s eyes. Viaan wants Katha to agree with that. They both laugh about destiny bringing them together regardless of their situation. Viaan suggests spending the night together, wants her to ask for any promise now. Viaan has already made a lot of promises, she hugs Viaan. He questions her manners for hugging him before marriage. Katha already married him the day Aarav called him father, luckily, she liked the same guy. Viaan wants to know about that lucky guy. Katha hugs him, the man is in front of her, the person’s heartbeat she can hear, the one who really frightened her today. Viaan was shocked to know about Katha getting scared. Katha gets scared of her people. She sounds responsible. Katha wants to spend the rest of her life hugging Viaan.

PRECAP: Maya asks Teeji who handles the hotel booking so she goes to Jeetu about it, but Ehsan turns off the circuit connected to company’s computer. Maya wonders about the person blocking her way. Everyone dances at the Garewal Mansion. The house help asks Teeji if she should put Aarav’s bag in Viaan’s room. Katha hears Teeji asking the house help to put it in the storeroom. Maya awaits to break Katha and Viaan’s marriage.

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