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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vandu and Kunal fight

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts Vandu and Shivam picking the laddoos. Kuldeep insults Vandu. Vandana says one shouldn’t insult food. They argue. He says I know you like to trap rich boys, you are characterless. Aaji scolds him. She threatens of slapping him. He asks how dare you and pushes her on the floor. Vandana shouts. Everyone rushes to help Aaji. Vandu catches Kuldeep’s collar and asks how dare you… He looks on shocked.

Kunal comes and sees this. He shouts Vandana… how dare you. Kuldeep falls in shock. Kunal and everyone hold him. Kunal asks them to get water. He feeds the water to Kuldeep. He asks him to get up. Pammi asks what did this girl do. Kunal asks Vandana to answer, what did she do. Vandana says you have to know the entire matter now. They argue. She says we didn’t come to get insulted. Pammi says he pushed her by mistake. Vandu says don’t lie. Kunal says shut up, take your family and get out. Vandana says we don’t want to stay here. They leave. Kunal throws the laddoo towards Vandana and says take it. Vandana stops. She says I heard a lot about Kanak records and the owners, I didn’t know this, its all a lie, you people don’t identify and value people, you can value music, you and your company, its all shallow, you can’t set people’s life, you just know to belittle others. Kunal says get out. Vandu leaves. The Kanak records banner falls.

Kunal turns to see. He asks Bobby to check everyone’s phones, no pic or video should leak. He asks Kuldeep to talk to him. Kuldeep says that girl insulted me, how will you clear this from their minds, this happened because of you, why did you go close to her and talk to her. Kunal cries. Kuldeep scolds him. Kunal says I m your son, I will take revenge on her, I will make her life a living hell. Kuldeep says go and prove it, you are my son. Kunal calms him. Bobby says someone had sent the video before. Kunal says stop it, relax, nothing will happen. He goes to get medicine.

Kuldeep throws the medicines away. He gets angry on Kunal. Kuldeep goes. Kunal cries and gets angry. Vandu cries at home. Everyone is sad. Bobby says I tried my best. Pammi says Kunal will handle everything now. Kunal says I promised my dad, I will make Vandana’s life hell.

Everyone blames Vandu. Kunal comes to Vandu’s house. He says you have 10mins to vacate this house.

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