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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi and Arjun perform on the stage

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nitya waits for Mahima to come. Mahima comes there ready as Radha. Nitya asks her to go and perform. She asks Arjun to go and perform well with Mahima. Arjun says just for you. Kashvi thinks how to go out of grill, and someone has locked the door from inside. Bijli barks. Kashvi says you are right, you can go from here, and can bring Arjun. She asks Bijli if it can do this, and says you are my last hope. Arjun waits for Kashvi to come, and says please fulfill my wish. Nitya tells the foreign delegates about Radha and Krishna, and says they were close friends and love each other passionately. Mahima starts dancing and asks Arjun to give good expression. Arjun moves away and dances. Kisna song plays….Mahima keeps his hand on her waist and dances with him. He moves away and dances. Bijli comes there barking. Mahima thinks how did it come out of storeroom. The foreign delegate asks if this cat is in the performance. Nitya says yes. She thinks Kashvi is not here and her cat is creating a mess here, ridiculous. Bijli tries to pull Arjun’s dhoti. Arjun says my dhoti will be torn and thinks if Bijli wants to take me somewhere. He asks Mahima to continue the dance. Bijli brings Arjun to the storeroom. Kashvi hears him and asks Arjun if he is outside, if Bijli brought him here.

Arjun hears her and opens the door. Kashvi comes out of the storeroom and locks her. He asks what you was doing here. Kashvi says Bijli was stuck in the storeroom, so I went there to free her, when someone locked me inside. She says lets go and start the performance as the foreign delegates must be waiting. Arjun says as you was not there, he started performance with Mahima. Kashvi gets upset and asks him to continue his performance with Mahima. Arjun asks what is she saying, he was doing the performance unwillingly. He tells that he will perform with his Radha, and she is just Kashvi. Arjun goes to the stage and makes Mahima go to side stage. Kashvi comes there and asks Mahima to leave, as she will perform with her husband. Mahima goes off stage. Kashvi and Arjun are dancing happily. Romila asks Mahima if they are caught, if Kashvi came to know that we had locked her in storeroom. Mahima asks her to talk in low tone. Arjun and Kashvi dance on Radhe song….After the performance, Arjun and kashvi pose.

Nitya thinks thank god, they liked the performance else I would have felt insulted. Later Jagdish tells Arjun and Kashvi that their dance was good. Nitya says I enjoyed except that drama and asks Kashvi where did she go missing? She says how can you be so careless? Arjun says Kashvi is not careless, but someone had locked her in the storeroom. Nitya says who will lock her? Kashvi says I don’t know, but I feel that mahima had locked me. Mahima says why will I lock you? She says I didn’t lock you. Kashvi says you wanted to be Radha and that’s why did this. Mahima says how can you think this way and asks what I will get by locking you. Kashvi says I don’t know, if you didn’t lock me then how you got Radha’s costume ready for you. Dadi says Kashvi is right. Mahima tells that she already had this dress as Monty had gifted her this dress as my marriage gift. She says you shall be thankful to me for saving the respect of the family and you people blame me. Kashvi says I am sure that you have done this.

Mahima asks her to show the proofs. Kashvi says I don’t have proof, but I will search it and will prove that you have locked me in the storeroom. Romila tells that she had locked the storeroom, as she found the door open, and says she didn’t know that the room was open. Romila’s husband says because of you, both sisters are fighting. Romila says Mahima has done the right thing, and you are blaming her. Kashvi says enough Chachi. Arjun says lets end then matter, all is well, that ends well. Nitya holds Mahima’s hand and takes her to her room. Mahima asks what happened. Nitya takes her there. Mahima asks why did you drag me here? Nitya says if this is your plan which you don’t want to share with me and says due to your stupidity, you are caught. She asks what did you get by locking Kashvi? Mahima says didn’t you hear that Romila Chachi has locked Kashvi. Nitya tells that she is sure that Kashvi said right that you wanted to become Radha. She says I heard and saw Monty bringing dress for you, on your sayings and he didn’t gift it. She says it was your plan to lock Kashvi and come to the stage, so that you come closer to Arjun. She asks why you are acting to marry Mohit. Mahima thinks she has to be saved from this clever lady. She says I have some plan, but why shall I tell you, and asks her to stop questioning her and leave from here. Nitya says this is my house. Mahima says I want to be alone for sometime. Nitya says don’t forget who I am.

Kashvi comes to the room and drinks water. Arjun asks if you are still thinking about it. Kashvi says she knows that Romila Chachi has covered up Mahima’s wrong doings. She says she has been always doing this, and says I don’t understand why Mahima is doing this, she will get married to Mohit and will go from here. She says how she can do this with me?

Precap: Kashvi gives mehendi plates to Romila for Mahima and others. Mahima washes her hands dipping in water shocking everyone. She returns the ring to Mohit and says she will call off the wedding if Kashvi don’t apologize to her.

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