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Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: A Stalker Enters Sahiba’s Life

Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Seerat prepares food in kitchen. Manveer asks what is she doing. Seerat says she is preparing chole bhature for Angad as he didn’t have anything since morning; he always supported her as a friend, it’s her duty to take care of him. Manveer says Seerat does so much for the family and Angad, she will teach her to prepare Angad’s favorite chole bhature. She criticizes Sahiba for ruining Angad’s life and says Sahiba should have silently left Angad instead of creating a drama before party and storming away. She then apologizes for badmouthing about her sister. Seerat says she doesn’t support wrong, even if it’s her sister; Sahiba did really wrong with Angad, she will get Angad out of depression and will keep him away from Sahiba. Manveer says she will be thankful to her if she erases Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s heart. Seerat calls him mummy ji, then apologizes and says mamiji, and says she will do as she says.

A strange man named Rumi goes to college seeking admission in photography course to be around Sahiba. Receptionist feels irritated seeing computer not working and rudely says all the seats are full. Rumi in lieu of fixing the computer checks Sahiba’s profile and thinks when she is Angad Singh Brar’s wife, why she is having her surname as Monga; he will send a special gift to her today. Receptionist asks if he it’s fixed. He says yes. Receptionist says he looks talented, but all the seats in all courses are filled. A boy named Karthik walks to him. He says he is a last student to get admission in photography and asks him to visit tomorrow afternoon for orientation. Rumi congratulates Karthik.

Veer takes Angad’s signatures on a file at home office. Keerat calls him. Angad asks him to pick a call if it’s important. Veer says it’s Keerat’s call, she is calling him as Angad is not picking her call, Sahiba’s parents want to know what went wrong. Angad asks if Sahiba didn’t inform him why she left him. Veer says no, they are very tensed. Maid brings a bouquet and says someone sent it for Sahiba. Seerat brings food for Angad. A thorn picks Angad’s finger when he tries to pick a note in bouquet. Seerat says Sahiba doesn’t want to leave a chance to trouble him and continues badmouthing about Sahiba. Angad says she didn’t hear properly, someone sent this boquet to Sahiba and Sahiba didn’t send it to him instead.

Rumi walks around the college and notices Sahiba standing as a model. Teacher explains students that Sahiba is modeling for a theme named lady in a pink sari, they will work on a different theme each day with each of them modeling. Sahiba’s classmate forgets her brush. Sahiba asks her to take her hostel room keys and get it from her room. Rumi realizes that Sahiba stays in a hostel and thinks who received bouquet then. Angad reads a message in bouquet that it’s from Mirza for his Sahiba. Seerat says she doesn’t know if Sahiba already had a boyfriend or made a new one, she is always unpredictable and hurts others. Angad says he will meet Sahiba and question who this Mirza is. Seerat gets tensed and thinks he shouldn’t meet Sahiba.

Karthik takes photos of paintings. Rumi introduces himself and says all the photography course seats are filled, so Karthik can join some other college and give his seat to him. Karthik says his parents didn’t have money for this course, he got this course after much hard work. Rumi says he wants to be around a lady in pink sari and hence wants this seat. Karthik refuses and threatens to inform principal. Rumi hits him with a vase and he collapses; says sorry, if he had not done this, he can’t meet his Sahiba. Angad reaches college and realizes he forgot his phone at home. Rumi ties Karthik to a chair. Karthik asks why is he doing this. Rumi says he requested him politely, but he didn’t listen. He takes Karthik’s ID card and says this is his new identity now; he can be closer to Sahiba and can experience her smell and even touch her, this Mirza will knock Sahiba’s door of heart until it opens, he needs to inform this good news to his mother.

After classes, Sahiba’s classmate asks if she wants to accompany her to a mess. Sahiba says she is not hunger. Classmate says her husband will fall flat if he sees her in this red dress. Sahiba says she he will not.

Precap: Angad tells Sahiba that he doesn’t know what is happening, why a man calling him as Mirza and sending her flowers, she is not safe here and should take such boys lightly. Sahiba says he acts as a gentleman but has dirt filled in his mind. Angad holds her and says she broke his trust and heart. Rumi watches from a distance and says he will not spare Angad. Family gets tensed when Angad doesn’t return home till late night.

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