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Neerja 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Abir comes to rescue Neerja

Neerja 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaushik praises Munmun for diverting the whole focus on Neerja.
Kaushik calls Bappan and says last chance to fix your mistakes, Neerja and Abir are alive and Neerja has told everyone about you and I have thrown her out of the house, just make sure she doesn’t survive. Bappan happy says Neerja is alive and that is because of my love and now no one can save you from me.

Neerja goes to a tea stall and asks for help and makes call to Protima. Protima doesn’t answer the call. Neerja thinks, Protima must be in hospital and goes to check on her.

Neerja goes to the hospital. Doctor recognises her and asks is everything all right. Neerja asks where is Protima. Doctor thinks Neerja shouldn’t find about Protima and says Protima is on leave today. Neerja leaves the hospital. Neerja thinks what should she do now, wait for Protima in hospital or go back to Sonagachi and remembers Protima asking her not to return.

Neerja sits near a park and sees a few boys. They start teasing Neerja. Neerja tries to escape but they get her. Neerja pushes them and runs away, she leaves her bag behind. Neerja sees police and requests him to save her. The boys run away. Neerja thanks him and says she was running. Police question Neerja and asks her to get home.

Moushmi gets ointment for Abir. Abir thinks about sharing it with Neerja.
Neerja shares her story with the police.

Abir goes to Neerja’s room and sees Neerja’s letter and says has she lost it, how can she leave so late.

Neerja thinks of Protima and goes to Sonagachi. Bappan waiting for Neerja and says I knew you will first come to meet Protima.
Chakri pulls Neerja aside and says have you lost it, why are you here. Neerja says I have to meet Protima. Chakri says you aren’t safe here look there Didun is trading women for money.

Neerja insists Chakri find Protima. Chakri agrees and goes out.

Chakri asks Shabborani where Protima is, saying Neerja wants to tell her something. Shabborani acts like she doesn’t know and scolds Chakri. Chakri goes back to Neerja and says Protima might be at the hospital.

Neerja says Protima isn’t at the hospital. Chakri tells Neerja to leave, and she does.

Then Didun’s man tells Chakri to go inside.

Neerja starts to leave but is shocked to see Bappan and hides. Bappan finds her and tells her he’ll find her no matter what. Neerja runs, stumbles, and falls.

Bappan gets closer, smirking. Neerja throws something in his eyes and runs. Meanwhile, Abir looks for Neerja in his car. Bappan chases Neerja.

Bappan catches Neerja and says he knew she’d come here after leaving Abir’s house. Neerja bites Bappan’s hand and runs. Abir arrives and calls for Neerja. She stops, and a car hits Bappan, injuring him.

Pre cap: Neerja in Bagchi house and decides to take a job.
Neerja gives various interviews but gets rejected as she is from Sonagachi. Abir sees Neerja in a office and asks her what is he doing here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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