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Keh Doon Tumhein 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti finds a new evidence

Keh Doon Tumhein 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikrant coming. He says I wanted to know about the case investigation, I called Kirti here to give the receipt. She says yes, this is imp for the case. Vikrant tells them about the ring receipt. He asks Kirti to come, he will drop them home. Yadav asks Garud to find evidence. He says I will go and eat something, I m hungry. Garud says I m also hungry. Yadav says we will go and have some good. They leave. Bittu picks his bracelet and gets relieved.

Vikrant drops Kirti and Neha home. Kirti thanks Vikrant. He asks what were you doing there. Neha says we went to do Shraddhanjali to Anjali. Bittu calls Vikrant and says I got the bracelet, Kirti kept it. Vikrant thinks I get emotional, she is playing a game, why didn’t she give the bracelet to the police, she will end me if I don’t kill her in time. Kirti cries and says Anju left me, I should have found a job and got Puru’s admission done, I did a mistake by coming here. Madhuri says I will ask Sarkar to give you a job. Kirti says I would have gone back if the police didn’t ask me to stay here. Madhuri says you can stay here. Kirti says no, you will be burdened. Dadi says we are not small people, our hearts are big. She makes Kirti smile. Madhuri says we are happy since you and Puru come here, you should get a big room, I will stay with you and send Sudhakar out. Kirti smiles. Puru says I want a big room. Kirti says its such a big bed, we will play ludo. Puru likes the room. Vikrant sees his best friend’s pic and talks to him.

He says I value our friendship, police got a dead body this time, I killed 12 girls, I knew Rohit can never be wrong, but today I m getting a question in my heart, are we taking revenge or did it become our habit. Puru comes there. Vikrant asks him to come inside. He keeps the box aside. Puru asks who were you talking to. Vikrant says my friend, Rohit is my childhood best friend. Kirti comes and says you came here without telling me, come with me, Puru. Vikrant asks her to come in. Puru says like I talk to super shanky, he was talking to his best friend. Kirti says you were cute in childhood, I didn’t mean you don’t look good now, does your friend stay here. Vikrant says he stays in Manhattan. She jokes. Puru asks is my paratha ready, I m hungry. She says yes, come. She gets a call. She says it can become a big proof, we can reach her BF, I m leaving in 5mins. A carpenter talks to Sudhakar and Dadi. Sudhakar says the tv cable’s main connection is in Sarkar’s room. Kirti says I m getting late. She asks Puru to have first. Madhuri talks a lot. Vikrant follows Kirti. Carpenter goes to Vikrant’s house. Sudhakar says this window is always open, you go in from here. Carpenter sees the house. He looks for the cable. He goes to the room and says the cable is here, the point might be inside. Kirti checks a white shirt and says it belongs to some guy, its international brand shirt. Vikrant looks on. Anjali’s mum asks why did she hide this from us, we never thought that guys will visit my daughter’s house. Kirti says Anju was intelligent, maybe she loved that man and didn’t know his reality. Sudhakar says it’s a best bathroom. He sees the pics of the girls, and turns away. He gets a gold chain. He keeps it. He picks the box and says my fate is good, I got a jewellery box. He leaves. Kirti says this shirt will make us reach that man. Vikrant recalls Anjali and his moment.

Vikrant comes home. He asks Rohit where is the necklace, you were here, let me think. He sees the cctv camera. He says that carpenter will pay for it. Madhuri says Vikrant is smiling, it means you have stolen his heart.

Update Credit to: Amena


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