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Imlie 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Exposes Sonali’s Plan To Defame Him

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Imlie rushes to Bunty’s food cart and apologizes him for coming late. Bunty says they are 50% business partners and should share 50% work, he is working since 7 a.m. and she is coming now. Imlie helps him. Bunty asks why she is working here when she wants to become a chef. Imlie says she will practice here and then will get a chef job in a big hotel, she is even helping her friend as he can’t manage it alone. Bunty says she is right and asks if she will make him sous chef when she becomes a super chef. Imlie says he shouldn’t talk about susu in front of a girl. He says just by learning a word chef, she didn’t learn English completely; he said sous chef. She says then it’s fine and continues her commentary.

Agastya passes by in his car and tells his assistant that he needs a super chef for his sweet shop who knows English well and hence he is keeping a super chef competition at this shop. A customer asks Imlie to serve him aloo puri. He walks towards him when Agastya’s car stops. Imlie looks at herself in a glass window. Agastya rolls down window and says this is a luxury car and not aloo puri stall and asks her to move aside. A pamphlet falls on her. Imlie walks back to cart fuming on him. Another customer asks her aloo puri. She serves him puris in a pamphlet and tries to read super chef on the pamplet. Bunty helps her read pamphlet that Chaudhry Sweets is organizing super chef competition. Imlie gets happy thinking she will participate in a competition and become a super chef.

Imlie sings Babuji Dhire Chalna.. song in a bar. Drunkards ask her to show off her skin and walk towards her. She kicks them away. They all at once walk towards her. Bar owner with his bouncers protects Imlie from drunkards. Imlie thanks him and says his hands are very strong. He says when a sister like her ties rakhi, hands become super strong. She notices him still wearing her tied rakhi. He says he will remove it when she ties new rakhi next year. Imlie then fumes on goons and Agastya who threw money on her.

At Chaudry nivas, Sonali shows Agastya’s pics to Daadi where he is throwing money on a bar girl and says she works hard to earn money and Agastya is wasting it on his cheap habits. Agastya walks in. Daadi asks what was he doing there. Sonali says he wasted 50000 rs. Agastya asks how does she know the exact amount and reveals that Sonali’s assistant forcefully took him there and clicks pics secretly to defame him. Sonali gets angry and tells Daadi that she is giving her hard-earned business to her step brother just like that. Daadi warns her that her business is divine for her as her husband had started it and she will not tolerate them ruining it.

Imlie prepares food at her cart and serves it to Bunty, mamaji, and Ashu. Ashu says he already finished dinner. Imlie says as if he will not eat, she had to wait until Pallo maami sleeps. Mama says he knows how troublesome shurpanakaha maami is. She serves them food. They all like it very well. Imlie gets happy thinking she will serve same food during competition and will become a super chef.

Precap: Agastya asks Imlie where is Hotel Regency.
Imlie says she is also going there and takes drop from him. Agastya finds out she is a girl. Imlie runs away saying she had to reach the hotel for a super chef competition. Agastya thinks he hates poor as they lie for their benefit, he will make sure she doesn’t become his super chef.

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