Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar keeps his conditions

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The Episode starts with Shiv arguing with Samar. He says this is my palace, it belongs to my mum, she is Chandrabhaan’s legal wife. Samar says I got my rights, everything is fair in love and war, when its about war, then I want to reveal one more thing, I want to feel light, I ordered Monty to shoot Shiv. Everyone is shocked. Samar says I was behind Maan’s asthma attack, I gave the idea to Sam to run after Mithi. Raghav says I made a big mistake to listen to you than my brother, I got you home, you did this. Samar says I made you do this. Ranimaa asks what do you want. He says you have nothing now, you can stay here if you obey my protocols, else the door is there, I will give you half an hour, think what to do, your time starts now.

Ranimaa cries. They all leave. Mohit runs to Shiv. He hugs Shiv and says I will come with you. Shiv says of course, come. They go out. Roshni sees Samar. Everyone leaves. Samar says I feel happy now. Roshni says we were partners, why didn’t you tell me your motive, you have snatched the palace from me, why. He says I don’t trust anyone. He laughs and leaves. Ranimaa cries and says I got cheated, it’s the worst thing that happened to me. Surili and everyone console Ranimaa. Raghav says I know your pain, I m going through the same pain. Maan says don’t keep bitterness, forgive dad once, I know its not easy, but the right path is never easy, once you forgive him, your burden will get off, how long will you feel guilty. Ranimaa says I will never forgive him, my children are also paying a price for his mistakes, if I knew about Samar before, then I would have removed him from my way. Surili asks what. Ranimaa says yes, Samar would have not stabbed my back. Sam asks her to calm down. Mohit asks her to wipe her tears.

Surili smiles. Roshni says congrats, you got Barot empire, my son’s share will be there. He asks what, your son, you raised him since 6 years, he went to Surili. He says don’t worry, I will take care of Mohit, I will expose the Barots. He goes online and posts a video. He reveals his identity. Surili wipes Ranimaa’s tears. Shiv gets Bandish’s call. He asks what. They see Samar’s video. Samar defames the family. Raghav gets angry and says this happened because of me. Shiv says he has snatched our house and empire, he can’t snatch our unity, we have to give him a solid answer. Ranimaa says yes, we can’t lose courage. Raghav asks how will we defeat Samar. Shiv says we have to use the contacts, I will go to the commissioner and tell how Samar attacked Maan, Samar will get punished, its time to defeat him, Maan come with me. Maan says no, I won’t file a complaint against him. Raghav asks what, we have to remove Samar from our house and life. Maan says we are doing this for family, Samar did wrong, he was also affected by the situation. Shiv says no. Ranimaa says Maan you are alone on your side. Surili says I m with Maan, try to understand him. Shiv says we have to teach a lesson to Samar, we will give him double pain, then everything will get fine. Maan says no, try to understand. Shiv says you are supporting him. Surili says Samar should realize his mistake, he will come on the right path. Raghav says its impossible. Surili says he is a Barot. Ranimaa shouts no, Maan, listen to Shiv.

Surili says we have to go back and answer Samar, then we will win. They all go back home. Samar looks on.

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