Barsatein 14th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh saves Kimaya and Aradhna

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The Episode starts with Reyansh saying sorry Aradhna. He says Kimaya, you have to go. He pushes her down. She screams. Angad smiles. Aradhna is shocked. Reyansh says I made her fall, leave Aradhna, I did your work. He takes the gun from Angad’s hand. He asks don’t you see old movies, old technique. He recalls Kimaya falling into the net. Inspector comes and arrests Angad. Aradhna shouts what was all this. He says plan. She beats him. police helps Kimaya. Aradhna scolds him. He takes her to Kimaya. Aradhna hugs Kimaya. They leave. Viren gets Alka and Naresh arrested. Aradhna thinks Reyansh did what nobody did for me, he has become a hero today. Reyansh thinks dad said right, I should stand by Aradhna, I understood the power of selfless love. They get Kimaya home. Viren says I will ensure they get punished for their deeds. Malini says Kimaya, forgive us.

Aradhna cries and thinks it was my mistake, I had sent Kimaya with Angad. Viren thanks Reyansh and praises him. Aradhna goes and cries. Reyansh goes to her. She says so much happened with Kimaya, its all my fault. He says you didn’t know this will happen, you saved Kimaya’s life, why did you get involved in this family, they are strangers, they aren’t related to you, I like to become good after staying with you, I m always with you, I will never leave you alone. Viren calls the doctor. Kimaya says its not Aradhna’s mistake, she did that for me. Malini says yes, you don’t worry. Reyansh sees Aradhna and says there is much peace in the mountains. Aahatein…plays… He shows the lipstick and makes her smile. He says our clothes are stinking of alcohol, what will Malini think. She hits him. He jokes. She taunts him. He asks who is getting filmi now. She says thank you. He says say it aloud. She says I told you once. He says say it aloud, it should echo, you said sorry and thanks for the first, I will say, I love…. mountain. He shouts. She says you do it, I will go. She smiles.

Kimaya says sorry, I m so weak, Angad was right, I m nothing, Angad knew I m the weakest one, so he chose me. Malini hugs her and says no, you aren’t weak, don’t come in his words, I got a mum’s status when you were born, you are my strength. She hugs Kimaya. Aradhna looks on and cries. Malini motives Kimaya. She sees Aradhna and goes out. Aradhna says sorry, I came to see Kimaya. Malini says have food, go and freshen up. Aradhna hugs her and cries. Malini says enough, don’t cry. Aradhna says forgive me, sorry. Malini consoles her and asks her to have food. Bhakti misses Aradhna and cries. Jagruti asks her to talk to Aradhna and forgive her. Bhakti says she has to forgive me and your dad. Malini gets Kimaya for dinner. She serves the food. Kimaya is sad. She cries. Viren says don’t cry. Kriti says she is in trauma, leave her alone for some time, let it be. Kimaya goes away. Reyansh looks on. He stops Malini. He scolds Kimaya.

Aradhna says she is worried. Reyansh says you are alive, act like that. Viren asks what are you doing. Malini says let him say. Reyansh says be thankful, you didn’t get married to a criminal, you are crying, remove this shawl, did you get old, don’t cry for Angad, he is not worth it, he should cry, he is in jail, you should dance, I understand it didn’t happen as you thought, move on, he left from your life, go and show him that your life is amazing without him, go, we will have food. Kimaya goes. Everyone smiles. Aradhna thinks Reyansh thanks, you are the reason for their happiness.

Aradhna thinks no one remembers my birthday. Reyansh surprises her.

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