Meet 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Raj and Priyanka get engaged

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Akki is contemplating breaking the watch, thinking it might prevent the bomb from going off. However, Sumeet interrupts, causing Akki to hide the watch under his sleeve before fleeing again. Just before Sumeet can chase after Akki, Pankhuri stops her with good news: she’s found a potential match for Priyanka and shows everyone the man’s profile. Sumeet and Shlok take a look at the profile, while Pankhuri praises the man for his kindness and wealth. However, Shlok strongly opposes this marriage, pointing out the man’s age and the fact that he already has a child. Pankhuri tries to justify her choice, mentioning the man’s wealth and widower status. Shlok argues that Priyanka should marry for love and respect, not just money. Sumeet supports Priyanka, saying that all work is respectable, while Pankhuri insults Priyanka’s appearance and life experiences.

Pankhuri continues to persuade Priyanka, but Raj enters and disagrees. He sees no issues with Priyanka’s professional life and believes any man would be fortunate to have her. Raj then approaches the elders, expressing his desire to marry Priyanka as they don’t have parents to make the proposal. Sumeet is pleasantly surprised by his brother’s feelings for Priyanka and apologizes to her for not informing her earlier. Pankhuri walks away disappointed, while Dadi asks Priyanka if she accepts this relationship.

Priyanka recalls her moments with Raj and agrees, leading to a joyful embrace between the brothers. The family decides to have an engagement ceremony that same day as they’re all together. Just as Priyanka and Raj are about to exchange rings, Pankhuri interrupts, suggesting Raj’s family should also be present. However, Raj explains that they’re only doing a ring exchange because he plans to host a grand party. The couple exchanges rings, and Pankhuri notices Phool’s ring, feeling envious.

Akki appears distant and hesitant throughout the celebrations, despite the family’s efforts to include him. Sumeet and Shlok notice his peculiar behavior and try to talk to him, but Akki keeps avoiding them. Before Shlok can go after him, the family calls him back to sing a song for the occasion, and everyone dances to his music.

Meanwhile, Akki grabs his backpack and tries to run away. Sumeet chases him down and stops him, asking if Shagun is behind his strange behavior. Akki tearfully pleads with her to let him go. He recalls Shagun’s warning that there’s a bomb in his watch, which will detonate if he tells anyone. Sumeet keeps questioning Akki, who hides his wrist, drawing her attention to the watch. Akki runs away, informing Sumeet that there’s a bomb in it. Shagun calls them, revealing they have only 15 minutes until the bomb explodes. Sumeet persuades Raj to stay behind and care for the family while she and Shlok leave. As Sumeet closes the door, her mangalsutra breaks, causing her concern.

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